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Ingrown Hair Care

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Ingrown Hair Care

| 30mL |

Genuine concentrate of exfoliating and soothing active ingredients. Fresh and melting gel texture.

93% of volunteers indicate a decrease in ingrown hairs. Purifies the skin and eliminates dead skin cells thus avoiding the obstruction of the pores responsible for the appearance of ingrown hairs.


Adapted for face and specific targeted areas. Daily application to prevent or slow down the appearance of ingrown hairs the week following waxing, then use up to 4x per week. Avoid sun exposure.


Prevents the appearance and regrowth of ingrown hairs. Gently exfoliates the skin. Soothes the skin, reduces feelings of irritation. Promotes the skin, reducing feeling of irritation. Promotes hair piercing and treats resistant ingrown hairs. Reduces the number of ingrown hairs.  Reduces scars and redness of past ingrown hairs. 


Papaya Extracts: Enzymatic exfoliation and regenerating; minimizes the obstruction of pores responsible for the appearance of ingrown hairs

Badine Extract: Antiseptic & Purifying virtues

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