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EuroBeauty by Anna Giguere Professional Distribution and Wholesale Beauty Spa and Esthetics Brands

Explore the luxury professional brands offered through Eurobeauty; providing elevated results, exemplary reputation and unparalleled education.
Hydropeptide Professional SkincareGreat Skin Can Be in Your DNAWith a clinically proven combination of powerhouse peptides and the science of epigenetics, Hydropeptide products and protocols are able to cross train your skin at the cellular level and change how your DNA responds to its environment.
Adoreyes Lash and Brow Growth SerumThis Canadian company has developed the first and only lash and brow serum with TRIPLE PEPTIDE COMPLEX targeting all three eyelash and eyebrow growth phases (anagen, catagen, telogen) to boost the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows. The clinically-proven time-release peptides, vitamins, DHT blockers, and repair complex cover all aspects of hair growth to maximize results
Bend BeautyOptimize Your Skin Health From the Inside OutBend Beauty did not start with a product. It started with a belief. "When you nourish all the connections something beautiful happens." This influences and inspires everything Bend Beauty does from designing products, to customer experience, to how our operations impact the planet. This belief defines the culture and about all it gives us a purpose to "Create and celebrate a beautiful life." 
LIPSMARTYour Solution for All Lip ConcernsLipsmart's versatile formula tackles all lip concerns by eliminating the cause - dryness. All the while, our formula is:
Gluten FreeParaben FreeHypo-allergenicDermatologist recommended (of course!)Cruelty Free
FootlogixWhere Medi Meets PediTo be the world's leading foot care company by offering innovative products that give transformational results and provide foot care professionals around the world the means to give exceptional foot care experience.
Bioline JatoA New Philosophy Dedicated to Self Care
 Fine-tuned over the course of more than 40 years of experience in the field and developed to meet the beauty needs of all skin types, the Bioline Jatò® System method is based on the perfect synergy between high performance products, application protocols and exclusive massages.  Cirepil by Perron RigotMore Than Waxing, It's a Beauty TreatmentWith exceptional hair removal on first attempt and no snapping formulations Cirepil by Perron Rigot waxes perfectly encapsulate hairs to ensure customer satisfaction. The leading brand of luxury waxing products are chosen year-after-year international professional awards. awards.  Elevate your waxing services and your client’s “OW” will become “Wow!”
Refectocil Refectocil from the very start has aimed to be a high-performance partner for estheticians around the world whom they can trust. 
Our success story is constant thanks to high quality production, innovation and the best possible range of eyebrow and eyelash enhancement products. 
We would also like to ensure that the end-customers are in love with the treatment “bringing out the best in their eyes”.   MicryliumDeveloped with Conscience· Manufactured with Integrity Tested with Sincerity · Presented with Care Protecting the Environment, Protecting You Kinder to PeopleSafer on EquipmentFaster For Results