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Double Gommage

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Special Ingrown Hair Double Scrub

| 150mL |

Creamy texture with silica microbeads


Before showering, apply the dry scrub all over the body, paying particular attention to areas that have been wax or need to be waxed. Rinse with water Exfoliate the skin 2 days before waxing. Maintain results post-waxing with exfoliating once or twice a week. This refines the skin texture and allows the hair to pierce the dermis more easily. 

Do not use on damaged skin or on mucus membranes.

Do not use if pregnant or breast feedingAvoid sun exposure. This product contains AHAs which can leave the skin sensitive to sunlight


Ingrown hairs are visibly reduced. The present ingrown hairs disappear more quickly. The skin is exfoliated, visibly softer, beautiful and smooth. Refined skin texture. Skin feels pleasant. Skin's radiance is revealed.


Silica Microbeads - Microbeads of natural origin, strong exfoliating power

AHA - Fruit Acid - Known to accelerate cell renewal, smooth the skin, purify, "peeling" effect

Complex of Essential Oils - Lemon & Lavender - Purify and Sooth

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