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ABOUT EuroBeauty - Spa Solutions to Maximize Your Success. Customer Service Tailored to Your Needs. Continued Education, Support and Consulting

About EuroBeauty By Anna Giguere Spa And Esthetics Wholesale Beauty Supply Distribution 
Created for Estheticians, By EstheticiansEurobeauty was created to meet the needs of the spa community in Canada, providing professional, high-quality, economical spa essentials.Est. 2008 - Halifax NS
Curating professionals luxury product lines for spas, salons, clinics, medispas, medspas as a wholesale distributor for Hydropeptide Skincare, Bend Beauty Skincare, Footlogix Foot Care, Cirepi by Perron Rigot Waxing and Sugaring products, Bioline Jato Skincare, LipSmart, Adoreyes, Refectocil, Micrylium and many more. 
We offer professional spas, business owners, estheticians, and nurses spa solutions to maximize your success, with customer service tailored to your needs with continual spa and esthetic, medical esthetic and clinical esthetic professional development, business support and spa consulting.