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A deposit is required to hold a participant’s seat in all professional development classes. 50% of the class cost must be paid at the time of registration. Please give at least 10 business days when cancelling your seat, deposit will be credited to account.

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We are always working on growing our course offering, if you have requests or suggestions, Email: Kira Young—Director of Education, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Hard Wax Brazilian Certification


Class Date

November 20, 2017

9:00 am—5:00pm

Become the master you need to be when offering this service to your clientele. Use a hair removal system that has revolutionized the wax industry. Step-by-step instruction and coaching will provide you the most complete set of technical skills, information and confidence to preform Brazilian waxing with hard wax.

*Model is Required for 1:00pm*

Certification Cost: $150.00





Classic Lash Extension Certification


Class Dates

November 27-28, 2017

9:00 am—5:00pm

An extensive 2-day course for a new lash artist. Available to estheticians or make-up artists looking to enter this growing industry. Whether you want to add lash extension applications to your current service menu or become a full time lash artist, this is the class for you. Your first day will be a fully satisfying look into everything lashes!


Client safety

Proper set-up

Consultations Fill


Lash growth patterns

Home care

Product options

Tools of the trade


Everything you will need to become an exceptional lash artist will be covered. Continued support and coaching will even further your education experience and hone your skills. Receive certification after photo submission of 5 full sets and 5 fills that meet quality standards.

Certification Cost: $1250.00 + tax (Includes Service Kit)

Dermaplaning Certification

dermaplane embed

Class Dates

December 4, 2017

9:00 am—5:00pm

Learn and master the technique of Dermaplaning. This is a one-day certification for estheticians. Dermaplaning is a safe, effective, intensive and non-invasive form of exfoliation that can be preformed as a stand-alone service or as a compliment for facial services. In this class you will learn how to preform the service, pair it up with other services already being offered at your spa, contraindications and business building techniques.

Certification Cost: $549.95 + Tax (Includes Kit of Supplies)




FootLogix Product Knowledge

Footlogix education

Class Dates


1:00 pm—3:00pm



Finally, a foot care line that delivers results! Formulated for podiatrists, pedicurists and industry professionals and recommended by physicians, FootLogix Pediceutical Mousse Foot Care line delivers results from simple dryness to addressing more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes. Services performed with the Footlogix product range changes your service from pedicure to Pedi-care. Easy to use, easy to retail, this foot care line is all about solutions for your client’s needs. Come join us for an afternoon of education on this pharmaceuticalgrade product line, and leave empowered to make positive changes at the ground level.

Trusted by millions, Footlogix Pediceuticals has provided the healing solutions demanded by renowned professionals, and their clients around the globe.



North American School of Podology - CMP


Level 3 Comprehensive Foot & Leg Evaluation

Class Dates

March 4-7th, 2017

9:00 am—5:00pm

"Ever wonder why your client’s callus keeps coming back in certain areas regardless of how often you reduce the callus? Learn about corrective techniques for proper footwear and gait by a leading Pedorthist.

This course Includes:

  • The biomechanics related to walking
  • Normal and abnormal gait patterns
  • Sports Injuries
  • Diseases that affect gait
  • Physical foot abnormailities and how they affect gait
  • Different types of orthotics


1-855-622-6277 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or register online at 




Refectocil Lash and Brow Tinting System

Class Date

Spring 2018


An in-depth look at the best practices, tips and tricks straight from the manufacturer of the most popular brow and lash tint in the world. In this mini class you will learn to blend and match all levels of hair colors, lash tinting that will make any eye color pop practices and uses for a system you and your client’s already use. This program trains the professional how to understand the science of tinting, the proper procedure of application, protecting the safety of the clients and infection control. It’s recommended even for professionals that have already been offering tinting for years so they can now be up-to-date with new products as well as become Health Canada compliant; and receive the certificate to prove it!

Certification Cost: $50.00 + tax


North American School of Podology - CMP


Level 1 Certified Master Pedicurist

Class Dates

Spring 2018

Become a leader in the lucrative pedicure industry by taking the CERTIFIED MASTER PEDICURIST Advanced Pedicure class. In four days of intense training and instruction with our advanced European Podology curriculum, you can achieve the skills required to apply for the designation of CMP. This course Includes:

  • Two full days of theory and two full days of hands-on practical training;
  • The latest techniques from experienced educators with extensive expertise in the foot care and medical industries
  • New specialty treatments and specialty techniques for pedicuring seniors and diabetics
  • How to use new pedicure tools and gain the potential to earn more $$$ per appointment
  • Professional skills enabling you to apply for the designation of CMP (Certified Mater Pedicurist®)






Class Date


One of the oldest and most reliable methods of hair removal, threading has become an in-demand service in spas. This technique is used to shape eyebrows and remove unwanted hair from the face. This class is designed for beginners. 

Certification Cost: $95.00 + tax




Bellabaci Cupping Massage


Class Date


Individuals participating in the Bellabaci method of modern cupping have the opportunity to discover the ease and versatility of this modality. This course teaches the practitioner: history, various forms of cupping and indications/contraindications to using this cupping therapy. Participants will be introduced to this holistic method and how it can support the lymphatic system and other conditions of the body. A discussion on cupping and cellulite as well facial cupping will be included. A portion of this class is devoted to The Genie Oils, and their specific use in conjunction with the manual cupping to address various conditions of the body.

Certification Cost: $349.00 + Tax (Includes Bellabaci Training Kit valued at $149.00)




Advanced Skin Care Principles

Class Date


Designed for the esthetics professional looking to increase their knowledge in advanced skin care and have a more thorough understanding of how to provide the most well-rounded skin care treatments.

An in-depth look at the structures of the skin, how the skin works and how an esthetician can work with the integumentary system to deliver the best results for clients.

Learn how to provide the most effective skin analysis and consultation to discover your client’s needs , provide solutions and increase your facial service and product sales.

Revisit ingredients and their effects on the skin; choosing the best ingredients for specific skin care needs. As the skincare industry keeps growing, you’ll take a look into new ingredient technologies and how they work.

Certification Cost: $150.00

Volume Lash Extension Certification

Class Dates


9:00 am—5:00pm

Ok, Ok, you got it going on and are obsessed with lashes. You can isolate the smallest of lashes, feel proud of your classic sets, and are able to accomplish it all in less than 2 hours. It’s important to continually grow as a lash artist in the everevolving lash industry. Clients want it, and it's called...Volume! Learn the advanced techniques:

Creating Fans

Lash Mapping

Fill Perfection

Eye Contouring

Importance of Photos

Quick Dry Adhesive Techniques

Fatigue Management

Business Building Tips

This is an intensive one-day class with theory and hands on learning with continued support. Receive certification after photo submission of 5 full sets and 5 fills that meet quality standards.

Must be certified in classic lash extensions for minimum 6 months.

*Model is required at 1:00pm*

Certification Cost: $850.00 +tax (Includes Cost of Supplies)


Hydropeptide Skin Care Products & Systems


Class Date



The leader in anti-aging skin care, Hydropeptide offers a wide range of solutions for your clients, minus the harsh ingredients. Utilizing synergistic blends of over 60 Peptides, Plant Stem Cells, Botanically-Derived Growth Factors, and High-Powered Antioxidants, Hydropeptide delivers clinical results, without compromising a luxury experience. In this class you will learn all about Hydropeptide’s Professional and Retail product lines, how to find the best solutions for your client’s and deliver these solutions in an all-encompassing facial including home-care.

*Class is complementary for Hydropeptide Partnership Spas*

                                                     Certification Cost: $150.00



Advanced Makeup Techniques with Heidi Flemming


Class Date


9:00 am—5:00pm

Applying makeup is an art, both practical and creative. Whether you are new to makeup, a veteran beauty lover, or in need of new inspiration this class is  designed for you! This course covers new products available in the industry, trends and  techniques useful to the esthetician in the spa and beyond. By the end of this course you will be able to create flawless  makeup looks perfect for special events and occasions. Makeup brushes will be required for the practical component of  this course.

Certification Cost: $250.00 (Receive $105.00 Credit toward Cailyn Makeup)





Aromatherapy Foundations

Class Dates


1:00 pm—4:00pm

*6 Module Class*

This hands-on module class is specifically designed for Estheticians looking to incorporate and harness the power of essential oils in their spa services.

Each class will teach an in-depth curriculum about essential oils and the chemistry of blending, leaving participants with skills to customize for clients needs.

Become familiar with over 50 different essential oils.

Leave each class with a personalized essential oil spa product.

Certification Cost: $250.00


Microneedling Certification


Class Date


9:00 am—5:00pm


One of today’s most highly requested skin care treatments, microneedling, also known as dermalneedling, improves skin’s firmness while reducing the appearance of fine lines and acne scars, all with minimal downtime. Microneedling can be performed with a variety of different tools, all with their own benefits.  The needles break down old tissue, causing deliberate minor injury to the skin’s surface thereby stimulating the healing process. Over time, new collagen is produced and the result is younger, healthier, more beautiful looking skin.

This microneedling course will give you theoretical and hands-on training in microneedling, safety procedures, exposure to a variety of different tools, proper skin preparation, treatment, and post-treatment care and how to combine microneedling with other compatible treatments for optimal results. 

Certification Cost: $499.95 + Tax 

Refectocil Lash Lift and Curl Certifiation


Class Dates


9:00 am—5:00pm

Permanent eyelash curl and lift by Refectocil involves the use of specially formulated, ingredient conscious products that keep eyelashes curled and lifted for long periods of time. Lashes frame the eyes and guide other people’s gaze to their center. Making the most of natural lashes, giving a stunning lift and tinting them to suit the skin tones, is a striking way to make the most of what women were born with—their natural beauty. In this class you will learn how to effectively create a beautiful lifted set of lashes for your clients. Add on services, including use of the Refectocil Lash Tinting will be covered as well. Clean practices and business building initiatives will be considered, making the introduction of your lash lift service as profitable for your business.

Certification Cost: $250.00 (Includes Kit of Supplies)

Hydropeptide: Body Therapeutics

Hydropeptide Body

Class Date


9:00am — 5:00pm

Take advantage of the fastest growing skincare category with body therapeutics from Hydropeptide. Perfectly infused with peptides, botanicals and other active ingredients, these five full body treatments help repair many different body imperfections including: Stretch marks, scars, body acne, cellulite, veins and bruises, slack and sagging skin, tired and achy skin, swelling and discomfort, discoloration and crepiness.

*Class Complimentary for Hydropeptide Partnership Spas*

Certification Cost: $100.00 + tax